Shared Vision

  • We achieve better conservation outcomes by integrating collective efforts across institutions, protected areas, working lands, tribal lands, and urban landscapes. 
  • We enhance the health and climate resiliency of California  ecosystems by drawing on the best available science in support of conservation, including land acquisition, stewardship, rewilding, and habitat restoration.
  • We support statewide public education efforts and community science campaigns.
  • We improve equity, opportunity, and diversity within the field of conservation.
  • We support diverse stakeholders—from Indigenous communities and private landowners to research institutions and local governments—to discover and frame new and inclusive pathways toward a more sustainable and resilient future.  

Guiding Principles for Building a Successful Network

  • The State’s scarce resources will be maximized by collaborating instead of competing and by leveraging our combined expertise and land base, connecting a network of people to a network of lands and waters.
  • The role of science will be optimized, and available political and material resources will be strengthened to protect and restore biodiversity by aligning our communications and actions.
  • Long-term monitoring, museum collections, community science, and experimental data will be integrated and analyzed as a shared resource to inform conservation and land stewardship, creating a single point of access for biodiversity expertise and spatial data.
  • Conservation outcomes will be improved, advancing large landscape conservation objectives, and reversing biodiversity and habitat declines by bringing evidenced-based conservation practices to scale for the State.
  • Best practices will be shared across the network resulting in equitable pathways for biodiversity leadership, ensuring intergenerational succession of culturally relevant practitioners, and informing our citizenry about training and certification opportunities benefiting California’s diverse population.
  • We will build bridges between public and private institutions, resulting in shared resources across jurisdictions that increase the impact of the California Biodiversity Collaborative.