California Biodiversity Network

The California Biodiversity Network brings together key environmental experts and community leaders who are united to conserve California’s globally renowned and highly threatened natural heritage. The network is a key partner in the launch and implementation of California’s 30×30 conservation initiative. This inaugural network aims to be inclusive across all sectors, engaging environmental stewards, governmental and tribal representatives, scientists, and educators working at local, regional, and statewide scales. The network provides a collaborative forum for California’s diverse conservation organizations and scientific institutions prioritizing biodiversity protection, stewardship, environmental education, and scientific inquiry.

In April 2022, The CA Natural Resources Agency released the Pathways to 30×30 strategy document. The CA Biodiversity Network is part of the 30×30 Partnership, supporting implementation of this initiative in California.

CBN compiled Appendix D, accompanying the Pathways document, outlining research and information priorities to support implementation of 30×30 in California. The research priorities appendix was compiled based on workshops hosted by the four Roundtables and an Equity Forum, as well as input from more than 400 participants on the CBN mailing list. Detailed proceedings from several of these workshops, and accompanying documents, are available here:

The network will support the development and implementation of conservation actions, both governmental and non-governmental, under the four goals of the California Biodiversity Collaborative. It will focus on providing key technical and ecosystem management expertise to inform decision-making around biodiversity and framing collective efforts where most needed. With a broadly inclusive approach, this network aims to leverage the collective achievements of local, regional, and statewide efforts to realize a shared vision for a resilient and diverse California. As a first step, we will be engaging with stakeholders to prepare a report identifying priority research needs and information gaps that can support the implementation of California’s commitment to “30 by 30.”

The California Biodiversity Network welcomes additional organizational partners. Please click here to review and sign on to the Values and Principles of the network. Individuals wishing to join a Roundtable, and/or be added to our mailing list please click here.